Welcome to my blog.This is where I will be documenting my life with twin girls & their big brother, our daily adventures, clothes, food etc.. 

the essentials

the essentials

You really do not need a ton of stuff at the beginning with a new baby. Twins made our needs a little greater but still you don't use half of the stuff you get or you only use it for a limited amount of time. Here are some of our favorite things that we have used a lot these first five months.. 


Baby Breeza 

This is a must if you are having twins and formula feeding. It makes your bottles with a push of a button at a perfect temperature. It is the keurig for baby formula and whoever came up with this was a genius. It gets clogged sometimes but it really is a dream and a must for twins. 


Twinzie Pillow

I hate this thing when I saw it online. It is huge and ugly but it is essential. We use this the most out of everything. I feed the girls on it, tummy time and naps. If you are having twins you have to have this thing. 

Hevea Baby

These are our favorite pacifiers. They are not ugly and plastic and our girls really loved them. They are all natural and organic if you are into that. They also carry a ton of other great products. 

Hush Travel Sound Machine

 This sound machine it tiny but mighty, it is SO loud. We use it on the go and at night plugged up in their room. I highly suggest one or two of these with you at all times. We love these sound machines ..



Our girls slept in a  pretty twin specific bassinet for the first three months in our room. It was awesome. 


MamaRoo and Merlin Suit

We use our mamaroos a lot, we are reaching the age where they will probably want to be in them less but they were in them a ton the first five months and still do take naps in them. We have loved ours and use them constantly. The merlin suits are what the girls sleep in at night. I put them in their suits and they instantly fall asleep. These are two essentials for sleep over here. 


Bath time

This little tub has worked perfectly for us and we use them until they can sit up on their own in the tub. I used this same tub with my son and we love them. 


It doesn't look like rosie loves it but she does. 


Now that the girls are getting a little bigger we put them in these walkers a lot during the day so they can be sitting up and moving around. 



Barefoot Dreams EVERYTHING

We have the barefoot dreams baby blankets, socks and hats. They are the softest and coziest thing in the world and we use them all so much. Our girls were born in October so we were heading into the cooler months and we used the blankets daily and still do along with their accessories. Everything from that company is magical. 



the 3rd

the 3rd