Welcome to my blog.This is where I will be documenting my life with twin girls & their big brother, our daily adventures, clothes, food etc.. 

five daughters bakery

five daughters bakery

we played tourist in our own town right down the street from where we live.

We woke up, got dressed and walked out the door. Rutledge requested donuts and a walk so we headed to 12 south. I typically don't love this area because it is tourist city, packed with wandering bachelorette parties dressed in cowboy boots and matching t-shirts. It was so early though we had the street to ourselves. 


love this flower wall on the side of a hair salon. 

and obsessed with this wild boy of mine.


I had a lot of stuff to get done but I put everything on hold and we had a spontaneous morning  around town and it was so good for me and for the kiddos. 

My goal this summer is to be more spontaneous and do fun random things even if their is something more pressing that needs to get done, it can wait. 

We spent most of the morning at the donut shop called five daughters bakery. It is the cutest shop and has a play area for the kids. 

sugar high and lots of laughs with my crew. 


landon six months

landon six months

sweet newborn session welcoming baby sister home

sweet newborn session welcoming baby sister home